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28 Piece Dominoes with Wooden Box | Pukkr

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The Pukkr Double Six Dominoes Set is a great way to engage in some family fun and entertainment! This domino set includes 28 smooth, slick dominoes that each have a brass spinner in the centre for faster shuffling whilst playing. The dominoes will come in a natural wooden box for safe storage and a smooth sliding lid is included for extra protection and easy accessibility. Game instructions are also included in case you have never played or have forgotten how to play dominoes with a friend or family member. This set is perfect for an easy and fun game to play.WOODEN BOX WITH SLIDING LID- This 28 domino playing set comes in a beautiful pinewood box, which can be used for safe-keeping and storage of the dominoes. This wooden box can comfortably fit all dominoes inside without them being pushed up too close together that they wear and damage.