Muc-Off X3 Dirty Chain Machine

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Muc-Off’s X-3 Dirty Chain Machine comes with their eco-friendly biodegradable Drivetrain Cleaner that can be sprayed on the chain or for best results, poured into the top reservoir of the machine. The chain machine features tough-cutting teeth and face-to-face rotating brushes that have 120 points of contact to ensure nothing is left unscrubbed. As the chain rotates through the cleaner, excess fluid drops into the lower reservoir, keeping it away from the newly cleaned chain.

The overall construction of the X-3 Dirty Chain Machine is durable to ensure many years of use. The top and bottom half of the cleaner easily unclip for quick cleaning and snap back together for easy re-use. The bottom half of the cleaner has a conveniently placed grooved handle for streamlined, steady operation.